Guide to Submitting Documents for Tax Preparation

We encourage you to submit your tax documents and receipts to us electronically; however, we can’t work with just any electronic documents. Below are some guidelines to help you understand how you can submit documents to use that we can us effectively and efficiently to prepare an accurate tax return for you.

Electronic Documents

  • As a rule, if you are having trouble reading the document; we will also have difficulties. Please rescan and adjust scanner settings if necessary. Examples of scenarios when adjustments are necessary:
    • Image too light
    • Watermark appears on the document
    • Image background too dark
  • Electronic copies directly downloaded from your financial institution or employer is preferred. As a reminder, E-mailing documents is not  secure, so whenever possible use our the client portal instead.
  • For the best quality of documents, please do not take photos of documents.
    • When scanning documents please keep these tips in mind:
      Scanner settings of 300 DPI, black and white scans is preferred
    • Ensure the pages are scanned in the correct orientation (i.e. Landscape documents scanned in landscape format, portrait documents in portrait format)
    • Keep all pages of a multi-page document together
    • Only scan one document per page (i.e. Do not scan two different source documents to one single page)
    • Save documents as PDF or TIFF only.
    • Source document files should be deskewed if this option is available on your scanner.
    • Please do not use the despeckle function when scanning for submission to our office.

Mailing Documents

  • Mailing documents to our office is an option.

Use our Secure Lock Box

  • Access to our Secure Lock Box is currently limited
  • If you bring documents to our office at 4725 First Street and we are closed or unable to personally accept your documents, you can use our Lock Box located inside our building on the 2nd floor between the elevator and the entrance nearest First Street. If you leave documents, please call or email us to let us know you have left something for us as we don’t check it frequently unless we are expecting it. The Lock Box is clearly labeled with our business name and suite number on it.  See the photos below. Please do not leave your document in any other Lock Box at our building. There are several others which are not ours.