Adap Tax Financial is dedicated to serving your complete financial & tax advisory needs and to maintaining an on-going long-term relationship. Our roots as a tax service insure that we remain closely aligned with our clients every year and that we assist or advise clients throughout the year on any financial or investment activities that might result in a tax consequence. We are specialists in supporting the needs of financial and real property investors as well as individuals with small or closely-held businesses and trusts. For securities services, we are affiliated with TD Ameritrade.


We¬†work with you, your spouse or partner, and even your heirs on a highly personal level to assess, monitor, and manage your unique situation. That means understanding as much about you as your finances. Recognizing that today’s investment spectrum offers many ways to fine tune risks vs. rewards, generate income, optimize after-tax return, and express your social views, we then examine appropriate solutions and leverage our seasoned expertise to provide a solution that best fits you.


We value your trust and confidence in us above all else. Our firm is large enough to offer a range of professional services, but small enough to give you the individual attention that you deserve. Should your needs require expertise beyond our capability, we will happily refer you to outside professionals and we do not accept compensation from such referrals or from you for that service.


Rest assured that while we have your long-term interests at heart, we are also there to help when short term needs arise. We take pride in the fact that as life happens, you can always count on us for advice and assistance.


Gregory Crofton is a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro selected by Dave Ramsey and the Ramsey Solutions organization to help with your retirement, financial planning, and other investments.