Financial Planning

The financial pieces are all out there — investing, saving, retirement, tax, goals, estate, social expression, property, etc. We help you fit them together in the way that best suits you and your goals. Adap Tax Financial investment clients receive ongoing investment planning as a part of an investment relationship with us, and can also avail themselves of a full financial plan for a separate fee.

Investment Planning

Adap Tax Financial adheres to the strict view that investment planning is an ongoing process that includes monitoring, evaluating, and modifying your investment portfolio to make sure it conforms with your goals, risk tolerance, market conditions, social orientation, behavioral profile, and of course tax situation. Our tax focus insures that your investment plan is always managed with an eye toward after-tax performance.

While our orientation with investments is long-term, we recognize that above variables change over time and that our value to you rests on our ability to help you determine the impact of those changes and take any changes necessary to keep you aligned with your plan.

Full Financial Planning

A full financial plan encompasses a review and analysis of your entire financial picture. This is a comprehensive process that captures and evaluates all the pieces of your financial situation together, allowing for overall goal-setting, contingency planning, trade-off analysis, what-if scenarios, tax optimization, and a variety of other types of comparative analyses. The beauty of a full financial plan is that it becomes a living document that can form the basis of analysis and financial decisions well into the future and can be used to facilitate financial decisions rapidly whenever the need arises. The major components of a full financial plan include:

  • Investment planning
  • Children’s education
  • Real property investing
  • Business ownership
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Tax planning