Your Tax Advocate

Receiving any letter from the IRS or state tax agency can be disturbing. Such actions may be simple matters to resolve or they may result in a detailed field audit of your records and eventually result in an IRS tax lien or levy. If the consequences are sufficient, you have the right to representation. If you are represented under a power of attorney, the tax agency must work directly through your representative.

Should the IRS or state or local tax authority, such as the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB), challenge your tax return, Adaptax is available to you to vigorously defend your reasonable tax position.

If your tax return is audited or if the IRS threatens a lien or levy action against you, you may want to seek profession help. The Adaptax team is experienced in dealing with the tax authorities. At Adaptax, not only will you be working with Enrolled Agents, who are specifically licensed by the IRS to provide representation, but you will be partnering with Enrolled Agents who have attended, the National Tax Practice Institute, the only specialized training program specifically designed to help tax consultants learn the nuances of dealing with representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service.